The miracle of Hebelx Vestashimi glue

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The miracle of Hebelx Vestashimi glue in construction

Hablex glue is a ready-made mortar based on cement and resin, which is used by adding ready-made water and has high strength and adhesion.

Hablex and Vestashimi light block glue
Hablex and Vestashimi light block glue


We can use this glue in the following cases:

– Walling and paneling with AAC and CLC light blocks

It is ready to be consumed by adding water and has high resistance and adhesion.

– Smoothing the inner and outer surface of the walls

– Smoothing the wall for facade execution

– Suitable for gluing all types of light blocks except clay blocks

– Ability to seal the block and seal the seam

– Low consumption and optimization in the cost of wall covering up to 50%

– It is suitable for gluing the cement tables of the streets. Hablex glue is resistant to water, humidity and impact.


Features of Vestashimi light block glue:

– The ability of high adhesion of Hablex blocks to each other

– Very good fluency when working with trowel or spatula

– Excellent quality




Advantages of Hablex light block
Advantages of Hablex light block


Properties of light block glue (Heplex):

Gluing Heblex blocks using its special glue.

It causes a very high bond between them, which has a much higher mechanical resistance than plain cement mortar.

By using this glue, the work speed has increased a lot

Also, with this glue, you can fill the gap between the blocks and create a uniform surface.

Attention to the quality of Hablex glue and the use of reliable brands with higher technical specifications.

It can bring peace of mind to customers.


One of the biggest mistakes in the Chinese wall with Hablex blocks:

The use of traditional mortar like cement instead of glue is special for Hablex.
This seemingly small carelessness may cause a big crack and damage in the wall.



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