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With the development of technology in the field of construction industry, new additives are introduced to the market, which provide important improvements in the properties of concrete. One of these new additives is called concrete additive, which is a combination of super-lubricant, microsilica and waterproof concrete. Concrete supplement is introduced as an effective component in improving the properties of concrete and increasing the efficiency of structures in facing various construction challenges. This concrete admixture is composed of several basic chemicals. Among its important components, we can mention sealing and crystal-forming polymers, which, in addition to sealing properties, add more resistance to concrete in the formation of constructive crystals, also the new generation of super-lubricants is effective in the complementary composition of concrete, which in the casting process It helps to improve the formability of concrete. Microsilica is present in this product as an ultrafine silicon powder, and it helps to improve the density of concrete by increasing mechanical properties and pressure resistance. Catalyst and fillers are also important components of the concrete supplement. Catalysts are used by accelerating the formation process of chemical products in concrete, and fillers are also used as fillers in the concrete composition. The use of concrete additives increases the slope of concrete, improves permeability, prevents the flow and penetration of chlorine ions and other harmful chemicals into the concrete, the possibility of reducing the water disturbance of concrete, compatibility with all types of Portland cements, reducing the cost of making concrete, speeding up the time of making concrete and Easy to carry, increasing compressive strength up to 30% and reducing consumption up to 10% leads to a tangible and significant improvement in the performance of concrete and building structures

Types of concrete additives

Concrete supplements are one of the basic factors in improving the mechanical and chemical properties of concrete. One of these supplements is waterproof concrete glue, which is prepared from polymer resins and increases moisture resistance and increases the adhesion of concrete. This supplement not only helps to create a strong connection between new and old concrete, but also prevents surface cracks of concrete. One of the other products is Hi Flex, which is made on the basis of polymer resins and is added to mortar or tile adhesive. This supplement increases the mechanical and chemical resistance of mortar or tile adhesive and increases moisture resistance. Before using this product, it is recommended to clean the surface from any pollution and surface cracks with mechanical means. The use of these supplements in construction projects helps to increase the speed of work, increase the strength of structures, and improve the quality of concrete. Each of the types of supplements, including waterproof concrete adhesive and flex supplement, are divided into different categories based on the type of primary compounds and the method of operation, such as pool waterproof concrete adhesive, waterproof mortar concrete adhesive, waterproof concrete nano adhesive, etc. . These additives improve the performance and efficiency of concrete systems and play an important role in construction projects.

The price of concrete supplements

Since there are different types of concrete additives and this diversity in their compositions can lead to differences in properties and efficiency, therefore, effective factors affect the price of each of them, which include

Type of raw materials: the use of high-quality raw materials usually costs more

Formulation composition: The specific formulation used to produce each concrete supplement model plays an important role in determining its characteristics and capabilities

Technical properties: Supplements with special properties such as high strength, corrosion resistance, or special thermal and acoustic properties may cost more

Standards and approvals: Supplements that comply with international standards or specific approvals usually have a higher price

Production technology: The use of advanced technologies and modern production methods may increase the cost of production

According to these factors, the price of the concrete supplement produced by Vestaساهئه Spadana is very suitable and affordable despite its excellent efficiency and basic performance. Vesta Shimi Spadana is famous as one of the suppliers of concrete supplements, relying on the world’s latest technology and the use of first-class and high-quality raw materials

Complementary use of concrete

One of the main goals of concrete supplement production is to create a product with a very high resistance to different environmental conditions and the impact of different materials. This concrete not only increases the resistance to penetration of water and contaminated materials, but also improves the compressive strength of concrete by 40%. This means the use of concrete in construction projects with high pressures and difficult environmental conditions. In addition to these supplements, they also help to improve the bending, tensile and abrasion resistance of concrete. These features are very important in construction, because concrete must be able to withstand bending and tensile forces and also be exposed to wear processes over time. Concrete produced with these admixtures can easily meet the needs of specific structures, including docks, bridges, offshore structures and treatment plants. Also, by adding these supplements, explosion-resistant concrete is produced, which is very important in important military or industrial projects. At the same time, these supplements provide the possibility of producing reinforced and unreinforced concrete by increasing the ability of concrete to prevent cracks and joints and eliminate defects caused by shrinkage, and also by reducing the water consumption of concrete by 20%, it not only preserves the environment but also reduces production costs. In general, concrete admixtures are known as vital components in the production of concrete with optimal characteristics for various projects and different construction needs

Buy concrete supplement

Buying concrete supplements is one of the critical steps in the construction industry, which has a direct impact on the quality and performance of structures. Concrete additives are special additives that are added to the concrete mix to improve its properties. In this regard, Vestashimi Spadana’s concrete supplement is one of the best options for our dear buyers with its special characteristics. Vesta Shimi Spadana concrete supplement is presented as a reliable option in the construction industry by emphasizing the production of quality and principled materials. In the process of buying concrete supplements, one should pay attention to things such as technical specifications, standards, physical and chemical characteristics of the supplement. Vesta Chimi Spadana helps you as a suitable choice for construction projects by providing quality products and necessary approvals. In particular, the special characteristics of the Vesta Shimi Spadana concrete complement indicate a commitment to high quality and performance. These products can act as a vital tool in improving the properties of concrete and ultimately improving the efficiency of structures against environmental conditions and various pressures.