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Powder tile adhesive

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powder tile adhesive,

It is produced on the basis of mineral materials, which by adding several types of glue and other chemicals, its applicability and stickiness have been multiplied.

Main use:

At present, the main use of this powder glue is in the construction and renovation of buildings

They install tiles and ceramics without the need for carving and removing the old sub-work.
But due to the change of construction methods in Iran and more use of prefabricated methods and ready-made walls that have a smoother work surface.

The use of these types of adhesives is getting more and more use day by day.
On the one hand, it is easy to work with this glue and its reasonable price Reducing the operational costs and the duration of the work, and on the other hand, the high stickiness of this glue while increasing the strength and durability. It reduces the amount of mortar used and as a result reduces the load of the building.

This glue is completely waterproof and it is safe to use it even for gluing ceramic pools.


1- Special for gluing tiles, ceramics, stone, etc. on smooth brick surfaces; Cement and a wall that is already tiled.
2- Installation of various types of tiles, ceramics, stone and mosaics on the floor and walls of buildings, installation of craft stone facades; Stone cornices are possible with this glue and it is a good substitute for mortar with high adhesion, delicate and precise building works, underlayment of uneven wall surfaces and installation of facade stones are possible with this glue.
3- Structures that have volume contraction and expansion.
4- Precast concretes that have a smooth surface
5- Buildings that require less weight and high execution speed

How to prepare and consume:

Tiles and ceramics as well as the work surface must be completely cleaned with water. Mix both cups of powdered glue with 1 to 1/5 cup of water and add 2 liters of concrete glue or primer for each 20 kg bag;

Wait a little until the auxiliary materials are mixed and the glue becomes thick. Then stir the glue again and if it hardens a little more, add water to it and use special combs to spread it on the desired surface.

Then put the tile in its place and stick it with uniform strokes and level it.

The minimum suitable temperature for working with this glue is 10 degrees centigrade.

The amount of glue consumption has a direct relationship with the work infrastructure

But on average it is about 3 to 5 kilograms per square meter.


1- Easy to use.
2- Very high adhesion to all kinds of building materials.
3- Increasing the resistance against possible impacts to the building.
4- Very small volume compared to old materials and as a result of increasing the interior space.
5- Doing delicate and precise work that requires high adhesion and high resistance.
6- Helping to style and strengthen the building.


Powder glue can be used for up to one year under normal conditions away from direct sunlight and rain.


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