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Acquaintance with Iran Institute of Standards and Industrial Research

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Iran Standard and Industrial Research Institute

Pursuant to paragraph one of article 3 of the law amending the laws and regulations of the Standard Organization

And Industrial Research of Iran, approved in February 1371, is the only official authority of the country

which is in charge of defining, compiling and publishing national (official) standards of Iran.

Compilation of standards in various fields in technical commissions made up of institute experts* experts from scientific centers and institutions.

Knowledgeable and related research, production and economics are done and the effort is synchronized with the national interests and according to the production, technological and commercial conditions.

that of the informed and fair participation of the owners of rights and interests, including producers, consumers, exporters and importers,

Scientific and specialized centers, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations are obtained.

Draft national standards of Iran

For the opinion of interested authorities and members of the commissions

The related technical is sent

And after receiving the comments and suggestions in the national committee related to that project field

And if approved, it will be printed and published as the national (official) standard of Iran.

Draft standards that are prepared by interested and competent institutions and organizations in compliance with the established criteria.

It will be drafted and reviewed by the national committee and if approved, it will be printed and published as the national standard of Iran.

In this way, national standards are considered to be compiled based on the provisions written in Iran’s National Standard No. 5.

and it has been approved by the relevant national standard committee formed by the standard institute.

1 The International Commission (ISO) of Iran’s Institute of Standards and Industrial Research is one of the main members of the International Standards Organization

And it works as the only liaison between the Codex Commission (OIML) 2 and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (IEC) in the country.

In compiling the national standards of Iran, while paying attention to the general conditions and special needs (CAC) of the country’s food,

The latest scientific, technical and industrial developments in the world and international standards are used.

Iran Institute of Standards and Industrial Research can comply with the standards provided in the law,

To protect consumers, maintain personal and public health and safety, ensure the quality of products and environmental and economic considerations,

Make the implementation of some of Iran’s national standards mandatory for domestically produced products and/or imported items, with the approval of the Supreme Standards Council.

In order to maintain the international markets for the country’s products, the institute can

Compulsory implementation of the export goods standard and its classification.


Also, to assure users of the services of organizations and institutions active in the field of consulting, training, inspection,

Auditing and issuing certificates of quality management and environmental management systems, laboratories and calibration centers for measuring instruments.

The standard institution evaluates such organizations and institutions based on the criteria of Iran’s accreditation system

And if the necessary conditions are met, It will grant them a certificate of competence and supervise their performance.

Promotion of the international system of units, calibration of measuring devices,

Determining the grade of precious metals and conducting applied research to improve the level of Iran’s national standards are among the other duties of this institution.

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