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Highflex BV210


Main application

  • Paste
  • Bonding of acid-resistant tiles

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Product description

This product is based on polymer resins and enhances the adhesion of tile adhesive and also, increases its mechanical and chemical properties. By adding complementary liquid BV220 to tile adhesive, the mortar will be waterproofed and its resistance will increase against a lot of chemical materials.

The table of chemical resistance can be checked in the company’s website.


Anti-acid polymer glue has the highest level of resistance against mechanical factors, acids and bases. The main use of this product is gluing as well as tying acid-resistant tiles.


To prepare this product, add only the required amount of clear water to obtain a uniform paste and avoid adding any other additives.


  • Note: Its necessary to add at least 1 liter of complementary liquid BV220 to the mortar for a bag of tile powder adhesive.
  • The properties mentioned regarding chemical resistance are achieved after 28 days and the amount of resistance to chemicals (acid and base) can be seen in the chemical resistance table of EPOFIX products.

Packaging and storage conditions

Expiration Date: 9 months after production.

Storage: Keep in +10 to +40 C, away from heat, humidity and direct sunshine.

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